Welcome and thank you for checking out Customs by Vos! My name is Dave Vos and I own and operate the company. I have been around custom cars and motorcycles my whole life. My father owns Vos Upholstery and has been in the industry since the 70’s. I worked for him since I was a child, up until January 2011 when we decided I go out on my own. I’m blessed to have learned great upholstery skills from him! I’m also very lucky to have good friends that are great fabricators with metal, aluminum, wood, and fiberglass. They took the time to teach me the art of working with each material and I am forever grateful.

I take great pride in designing and fabricating every car interior and motorcycle seat that rolls into my shop. My goal is to ensure great quality, innovation, and longevity in every job that comes in my shop. The key is not to just build a good looking interior, but an incredible looking interior that fits the car as well as the owner.

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